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    1. The Creative Mechanisms Design and Engineering Team

      Learn Who You'll be Working With

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      Tony Rogers

      Over 30 years of experience leading design, engineering, and prototype development teams gives Tony the insight and wisdom to develop unique systems and structures for the product development process, transitioning product ideas from concept to reality. His leadership brings out the best in his company’s team members and delivers the best products for its customers.

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      Michael Creighton

      Michael holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Penn State University with a minor in product realization and a certificate in engineering design. Joining Creative Mechanisms in 2009, he takes pride in designing quality products and seeing them successfully introduced to market.

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      Shu Amano

      Shu brings artistic insight and the careful precision of art restoration to the Creative Mechanisms team. He studied fine arts in Japan and spent time restoring mosaics in Italy and as an architectural model maker in Canada. An expert at creating precision machined parts on a CNC machine, he developed a proprietary methodology to machine living hinge prototypes from polypropylene.

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      Gary Reuther

      Gary got his start as a hydraulics technician, followed by three decades of work experience in product development verticals including jewelry, medical devices, toys and more. He serves as the company’s lead model maker for work that requires extremely high technical expertise and hands-on knowledge.

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      Troy Smith

      Troy is a problem solver that enjoys finding out-of-the-box solutions. He is a graduate of Drexel University with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Troy's experience in the biofuel, natural gas, bridges and transportation industries has taught him about working on large and complex engineering projects

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      Ersen Boran

      Ersen graduated from Drexel University's cooperative engineering program with a degree in mechanical engineering. His diverse interests in science, astronomy, theoretical physics, and new technologies fuel a unique and valuable perspective when brainstorming and problem solving.