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      The Products By Design Podcast

      Where product developers share their insights! 

      Alejandro Ramírez Solano

      Focusing your designs on users needs

      Adam Gosik-Wolfe

      Get people on the shop floor involved in the development process

      Torence Lu

      The advatages of starting with quick sketches as opposed to jumping right into CAD

      Tim Conrad

      The imortance of an internal training program for engineers new to the field

      Jo?o Vinícius Rizardi Martins

      Products should be developed to meet your consumer needs, not your organization's.

      Anthony Ighomuaye

      Adapting to rapid change and finding solutuions quickly

      Aaron Cook

      Importance of getting good customer feedback and data

      Atul Patel

      Being open to outside innovations, product developers.

      Nick Johnson

      The use of new technologies to help startups succeed

      Josh Valenti

      Reduce Functional Barriers for Improved Productivity

      Ben Ravenscroft

      The success of products comes from listening to customers

      Carlos Arturo Padilla Pons

      Automation Fallacy

      Emmett Hummel

      Good communication leads to better products.

      Brad Sheffield

      Design For Manufacturing and Assembly

      Timothy Holman

      Make it Simple, Make it Pretty and make it Work

      Calvin Manthey

      Green Sustainability

      Tomasz Giba

      Good Communication Solves All Product Development Issues

      Michael Bruce

      Alignment of Goals to achieve success

      Marc Vivant

      Be willing to create products that fail but move the needle forward.

      Stephen Bruce Wong

      Targeted Automation

      Prasanna Bhamidipati

      New Product Developemnent

      Carlicia Layosa

      Configurable components are the new custom.

      Jacob Marino

      Creating Products that Make a Difference

      Justin Tehrani

      Innovation and product development insights

      Jeremy Nelson

      Organizational Focus and Team Empowerment

      Al McGovern

      Problem Solving

      Joe Stasis

      Entrepreneurship and Product Development

      Sean Moore

      Streamlining prototype to production parts.

      Prithvi Kumar

      Lean Product Development

      Abid Hussain

      Product Marketing & Agriculture Value Chain

      Samim Safaei

      How Product Development has changed for Startups

      Jim Dyal

      Using Product Management tools in the development process

      Benjamin Hilborn

      Scaleable Product Development

      Denise Pliskin

      A great product idea does not neccesarily deliver a great product

      Santiago Yepes Gallo

      Balancing Aesthetic Design with the Schedule

      Anand Shankar

      Collaboration with engineers

      Joe Duerr

      Selecting a Vendor

      Thomas Alheidt

      Preventing Product Drift

      Paul Vizzio

      Quoting Process

      Jacob Morrise

      Balancing quality and cost